Pedestrian - Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift  order-                       picking trucks 

Group A1

Group A2

Rider - Pallet; stillage; low lift platform & low lift order-picking             trucks

Group A5

Pedestrian - Pallet stackers

What the Courses Cover

*Reasons to train

*Legal requirements

*Operator safety codes

*Pre-use inspection and reporting

*Refueling and battery care  


*Theory test  

*Practical skills test

Course Completion

On successful completion of a course, the candidate will be able to:

*Identify the main components of the Forklift truck  

*Carry out a pre-shift inspection check

*Operate a forklift truck within the safety limits

  as defined by the manufacturer.

*Stack and de-stack from various heights.  

*Maneuver a laden and un-laden forklift truck

  in a variety of areas 

All training conforms to the requirements of  the Approved Code of Practice and Supplementary Guidance Rider Operated Lift Trucks - Operator Training(  L117)

Powered Pallet Trucks

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