SJH TRAINING is an ITSSAR accredited category 2 training provider based in Derbyshire.

We provide accredited Forklift Truck training on site at your Company Premises to enable trainee's to become familiar with the actual Forklift truck that they will be operating and the types of loads that they will be moving in their normal working environment.

Delivering courses on our clients premises enables us to work closely with our clients to help minimize any disruption to their working day and to offer training when it best suits.

It also means that we can cover large areas of the country with minimal fuss. 

When conducting training at a clients premises, we will require:

1. An open area either indoors or outdoors, away from other work activities 

2. A number of pallets or stillages.

3. The use of any racking if required.

4. A room in which to carry out theory training

5. The plant on which training is required.

Unfortunately, Forklift truck accidents happen every day with results ranging from a slight bump to a fatality. These accidents cost industry millions of pound a year in fines and compensation. Around 70% of these accidents could be prevented with training and understanding of the work place.

As a qualified and trained forklift operator you have a duty to ensure your own safety and the safety of anyone else that may be affected by your acts or omissions.

                                                 KEEP SAFE - GET TRAINED!


On successful completion of a course, each candidate will receive a certificate of training and all course details will be registered onto the ITSSAR  Trained Operator Passport Scheme